How does pricing work? 
Pricing for screen printing is based on 3 variables.The number of colours in the print, the number of prints on the item or object & the number of garments or objects to be printed So you can see with our pricing how you can reduce your costs by adjusting these variables.

Why do more colours cost more?
The way screen printing works is we have to set a screen up for every colour in every print, the more screens the higher the set up costs. It also takes longer to print 4 colours as we need to make 4 separate print passes on each garment or object

What can you screenprint on? 
We can print on most types of materials by using different types of inks, some materials we may have to add additives to make the ink stick or stretch, the main criteria is that the surface where we have to print can be laid flat horizontally.

How many colours can you print?
We can print up to 6 colours.


How does pricing work?
Pricing for embroidery is based on how many stitches in the design & how many trims or colour changes there are. There are set ups for embroidery and as the numbers increase on how many embroideries we do the cost will come down to a certain price.


How does pricing work?
Pricing for transfers is based on how much time is involved in weeding the design & how much material is used.


What do we have to do or supply?
Pricing for artwork can only be determined by the graphic artist as this is based on a time frame usually, however if you are able to supply us your artwork in its original format then there should be no charges. (You may of already paid somebody to do it) This depends on how good the artwork quality is that you supply, if we need to improve your artwork there could be a charge involved, you will be contacted by email or phone.


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