MPS Promotional Gear can supply you top quality custom screen printed stickers from small to large. From one to thousands with a clear or solid background. Discounts for larger orders.

Digital printed stickers are priced by the meters used. Screen printed stickers when printing larger numbers will always be cheaper. Screen printed stickers have a thicker layer of ink than digitally printed stickers, so therefore will last longer in the harsh Australian weather conditions.

Common uses for screen printed stickers are, bumper stickers, lube and service stickers, safety stickers, tradesmen stickers, real estate stickers.  in fact any type of sticker promoting or advertising your business name or services. Personalised stickers to make your sticker unique to send a message or promote something specific are very popular.

MPS Promotional Gear also supply custom vinyl cut stickers which there are many uses for also. Some uses are for signs to promote or advertise your business on shop fronts, vehicles, cor-flutes, windows, real estate, sale signs, retail signs and A Frames just to name a few.

We would only be to pleased to discuss & price any type if sticker or sign that you may require

All of our stickers that are screen printed or vinyl cut are produced on-site at our factory located at 1/5 Olympic Circuit Southport Gold Coast