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Advantages of Screen Printing

Advantages of screen printing is a practical process for larger orders for printed T-shirts, Polo Shirts, workwear and designs. During the screen printing process, one colour at a time is applied. For each separate colour, an additional screen is required meaning design with four colours will require four screens. Screen printing is an art form because it requires a lot of creativity and attention to detail in order to get the job done successfully. When screen printing we need to make sure the print is cured correctly so it  doesn’t crack. Colours can  overlap slightly as you do not want gaps. The quality of the print revolves around the expertise of people in charge of the process, which is why MPS Promotional Gear is the only solution for your printing needs.

If you’re still wondering whether you really need screen printing these advantages will show why it’s a good decision for your business. Some of the most significant benefits of screen printing include:

  • Custom designs – having a custom design printed on T-shirts can be more effective and appealing than other regular types of advertising. This is an excellent way to promote your brand or an event.
  • Versatility – screen printing allows you to choose the material you require to be screen printed. Your preferences. Also MPS removes the worry of having the printing fade away after washing as MPS guarantees their workmanship.
  • Reliability – screen printing with MPS Promotional Gear means that we prioritise the quality of service. We follow the latest trends and standards to make sure you’re fully satisfied with the job done. Our staff are highly skilled and knowledgeable. MPS keeps up to date with the latest trends in order to expand their skills and do even better every time.
  • Reasonable Pricing – MPS Promotional Gear is not the type of business that will look to charge you more, for nothing. When it comes to screen printing, the prices are reasonable particularly when you’re getting them done by us. We have priced screen printing keeping the small business in mind. Pricing for screen printing is based on these factors, number of colours in the print and the quantity printed. By adjusting these factors you can also pay less

MPS Promotional Gear is a reputable family businesses. Reasons for our reputation are numerous including the exceptional quality of printing and the amazing customer service coupled with reasonable prices.

For more information about screen printing feel free to contact us.