MPS Promotional Gear stands out in the bustling apparel clothing and branding industry by offering an array of top-tier decoration techniques. This elevates garments to a whole new level of style. Based in Southport, Gold Coast, MPS Promotional Gear caters to clients across Australia with expertise in screen printing and also embroidery. MPS also covers DTG (Direct to Garment) printing, vinyl heat transfers, and DTF (Direct to Film) printing.

Screen printing, is a popular method at MPS. This involves the transfer of ink onto fabric through a mesh screen to create vibrant and long-lasting designs. For those seeking a classic and unique look then embroidery is the perfect choice. Embroidery adds texture and dimension to logos and artwork. The cutting-edge DTG printing technology allows for detailed and full-color designs to be directly printed onto garments. This is ensuring and high-quality results.

Vinyl heat transfers offer another type of decoration. This makes them ideal for smaller production runs. DTF printing, on the other hand, brings a unique tactile feel to garments. By using a special film that adheres to fabrics, resulting in a professional finish that stands the test of time.

At MPS Promotional Gear, the focus is on delivering excellence in every decoration technique offered. Whether clients are looking to create custom apparel for marketing campaigns or corporate events then the skilled team at MPS ensures that each garment is adorned with precision and care, reflecting the client’s brand identity and vision.

With a commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. MPS Promotional Gear sets the benchmark for apparel decoration services in Australia. Contact MPS today to elevate your branding and promotional apparel with top-of-the-line decoration techniques that make a lasting impression.

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Custom Embroidery Prices

Custom Embroidery Prices Step 1: Select Custom Embroidery 1 Step 2: Select Size Step 3: Select Position Step 4: Select Setup Step 5: Select Embroidery 2, 3 or 4 if required. Step 6: Add any special instructions (if required) Step … Read More

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DTG-Direct to garment-printed t-shirt
DTG Printer Printing Prices

Direct to Garment printing, we have you covered, shirts need to be 100% cotton then we are all good to go. Just follow the instructions

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Screenprinting Prices

Price above will change when you add sizes and quantities

If you require only a price for screen printing then you do not have to fill in all the position fields.

Set up amount is for how many colours are to be printed, ie if your design was 3 colour front, 3 colour back, it is only a 3 colour set up.

YES you can purchase items elsewhere and send directly to our factory premises for us to decorate. It may pay to get a quote from MPS 1st, we could save you money and time.

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Vinyl Heat Transfer Prices

Vinyl Heat Transfer Prices Step 1: Select size Step 2: Select position Step 3: Add any special instructions if required Step 4: Upload file Step 5: Add quantity

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